If you’re looking to increase web traffic to your site from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and others, our expert social media consultants are available to help you formulate a winning online marketing strategy tailored specifically to your business and geared towards providing a positive return on investment.

social media miamiSocial media is today’s newest, hottest buzzword.  For some, it means a personal page on Facebook.  For others, it’s an account on Twitter, or a profile on LinkedIn.  Social media, however, is far from limited to your personal social network and  can have a major impact on your business!

At Rocket Marketing and Design we provide full-service management of all your social media channels via our team of trained Florida social media strategists.

We will provide you with any and all technical assistance you may need to professionally brand your social media, interact with new and existing fans and followers (includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram), validate your business at a higher level, maintain and increase your web site’s audience, monitor what is being said about you, create ad campaigns to promote your business, and report the results of those ad campaigns.

How We Can Help

At Rocket Marketing and Design, we have numerous service packages for social media marketing, which you can elect to use as a stand-alone product, or in combination with our other services, to help you utilize the most popular social media networks in creating buzz, drafting unique and meaningful content, conducting market research, and get customers to connect with your brand more powerfully than ever.  Our Florida social media strategy is geared towards results that are guaranteed to increase both your revenues and your business growth.

Client Market Exclusivity

Rocket Marketing and Design also guarantees client exclusivity: you need not worry that we will every work for your competitors.  Our company commits to working only for you, promoting your business over that of your rivals – they will just have to find another Florida Social Media Marketing company.

Rocket Marketing and Design is a Florida social media marketing company unlike any other.  This is a claim we’ve proudly proven many times by going the extra mile, and more, for our customers every time.

How do I get started?

Want to get started in building your company through social media? Call us at 786-309-8333 or fill out our contact form.