2020 Digital Goals for Your Business

Focus on Your SEO Goals

As a business owner, your web presence is your lifeblood and it becomes even more important with each passing year. The marketing world is ever-evolving with technology, trends and tactics changing at the speed of light. You don’t want to be falling behind as your competitors are staying ahead of the curve.

Be Mobile Friendly

In today’s mobile world, your site needs to be mobile-friendly. Period. While this has been true for a while now, many website owners still haven’t optimized their site for mobile devices. Why is this so important?

For one thing, your competition is right there. In fact, 80% of top websites today are optimized for mobile users. According to Statista, more than half of all web traffic now comes from mobile devices. The majority of your traffic is coming from mobile users and you need to be prepared.

Optimize for Voice Search

How do your customers search? Research shows that as they are searching on their mobile device, they are utilizing voice search.

Today, people not only use voice search on their phones but you also should consider the 420 million voice assistants that have been sold over the past few years. Are your customers going to be able to find you? Don’t be left in the dust. Optimizing for voice search is imperative to your marketing goals for the upcoming year if they aren’t already.

More Visual, Fewer Blocks of Text

Google looks for user engagement. The longer your customers spend on your site, the more they are “engaged” in Google’s eyes. There are several ways to ensure more engagement on your site. A media gallery will be able to give your visitors plenty of images and videos to examine.

Today, live content video is the fastest-growing segment of internet traffic. Live-streaming content is free and takes little time to produce while offering real engagement. Live-streaming allows a business owner a quick way to improve customer relationships and boost traffic.

Personalize the Experience

By adding a chatbox to your homepage, you are offering visitors real-time assistance whenever they need it. Chat boxes shouldn’t be intrusive but they should be available for whenever they are needed.

What is Your Bounce Rate?

If visitors leave as soon as they land on your site, that is the bounce rate. The longer your visitors stay on your site, the more they will be engaging with your content. Needless to say, a high bounce rate isn’t a good thing. You will want to analyze your website to find out why. Is it speed of loading? Navigability? Unclear CTAs? Clutter? Conduct a full site analysis to see what can be done.

Make cleaning up and optimizing your website a goal for 2020. Today, your website can make or break your business. Get the assistance of an Internet marketing team to help. Call Rocket Marketing and Design at 888-731-0234 to see how we can help your web presence and get your business up to speed.

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