7 Things You Need to Know to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Today, your web presence is one of the single most important ways to get the attention of customers. You want to attract traffic to your website but most business owners simply don’t know how. So once you have that great website, how do you get found?

Get Your SEO Game On

Getting found is the whole purpose behind SEO. Optimizing your website from the very beginning is one of the most important things you can do to drive more traffic to your website. Content is what drives rankings on search engines. Theory says when your content contains the right amount of keywords and internal and external links, you will continually be pushed to the top.

But many business owners fail to make full use of all the tools available to them. Consider image alt text, internal links, schema microdata and meta descriptions. Don’t just go for obvious keywords but make use of those long-tail keywords.

Incorporate Video

Text content is good but video has become a key element in attracting visitors as well as making your website more engaging. Today, video marketing is a good way to get that attention. Video also makes for better information retention than text. Consider creating a YouTube channel. YouTube has surpassed Facebook and is now the second most popular website. If you want to drive traffic to your website, having a successful YouTube channel can be an excellent way to do it.

Pay for Advertising

Paid search advertising, display advertising and social media advertising can be great ways to attract visitors to your site but they each have their benefits and disadvantages. The competition is great for high intent keywords and advertising can be expensive but the end result can be worth it. Do your research before making this commitment.

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Optimized, Fast and Responsive

According to studies, nearly 60 percent of searches take place on mobile devices. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, you’ve lost a huge amount of visitors. And if your page isn’t technically optimized with the right image sizes and page structure, you are slowing down your site and inviting users to go elsewhere.

Get Smart About Social Media

One of the best ways to drive traffic to your website is through the smart use of your social media platforms. Your customers interact with social media on a daily basis. Creating a strong brand through social media marketing can be one of the best ways of driving people to your company or website. Stay active on your social media account and foster a sense of community.

Start Blogging

New, unique content keeps your website valid in the eyes of search engines. Create blog posts that target your keywords and create important information about your products and services. Invite others to guest blog on your site and offer to guest blog on others. When it comes to blogging, make sure that all content is original and high-quality without links that can be construed as spam.

Keep An Eye on Your Analytics Data

You want to always know how you’re doing. Utilizing Google Analytics gives you valuable information about the traffic to your site, who visits and other important data. This can inform you about where you want to concentrate your promotional strategies, what content has been successful and what areas may need further work.

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