The Best Internet Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

It has often been contended that there is little, if any difference, between an internet and a traditional marketing strategy.  Both types of strategies are developed with a dual purpose – to drive more traffic to your website and build brand awareness through online visibility. That is the best way to target your select audience.

However, the methods vary. You don’t have to pay for expensive television advertisements or for radio advertisements, as rules differ for digital marketing. Where overall marketing plan is concerned, there are 5 key components that when used in conjunction with one another can form a very effective strategy.  These include:

  • Content marketing – everyone should know by now that content is king and should be at the core of every online marketing strategy. Content marketing is highly effective once you have SEM as a base and a good delivery foundation.
  • Geo-specific or local SEO – this particular strategy component is ideal for smaller businesses that choose not to cater to regional, national, and global consumer audiences. Consequently, the goal of a geo-specific or local SEO strategy is to achieve the highest ranking possible for local area searches.
  • Mobile marketing – having a responsive or mobile-friendly website design is imperative since the number of internet searches using smartphones and tablets has exceeded those on PC’s and laptops. Basically, mobile marketing is all about providing individuals with the best possible end-user experience.
  • Search engine marketing (SEM) – comprised of paid search advertising (PSA) and unpaid search marketing. Therefore, the goal of SEM is to drive more visitors to your website using paid and unpaid search techniques. You might need to discuss it in details with the digital marketing service you hire.
  • Social media marketing – as the newest resident of the online marketing landscape, social media platforms are widely becoming the most popular venue for promoting your company and the products or services you sell. Plus, it will work well with content marketing efforts.

Despite the fact that the above components should be incorporated into your online marketing campaign strategy, it still helps to be creative and think outside the box so to speak.  Keep it innovative, but at the same time, keep it uncomplicated. That is why it is important that you work with an experienced digital marketing service. They have the right skills and the understanding about the nuances of helping you get higher SERPs.

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