Can SMM Help When PPC Fails?

Supporters of social media marketing or SMM have argued about how dangerous it is for internet marketers to rely solely on PPC or pay-per-click ads instead of the more “organic” (unpaid) methods of driving visitor traffic to your website.  Granted, a deep-pocketed competitor can outspend the smaller company whenever they want to.  But there is no way that this can be profitable every time.  Plus, it’s highly irrational and there is a good possibility that you are going to suffer for their recklessness.

Do SMM and PPC work together?

Studies have shown that integrating your PPC ads with SMM can work when those ads initially failed to generate much business for you.  One can easily argue that overspending on SMM is considerably more costly and difficult to do than doing it with PPC advertisements.  Perhaps this is the case.  However, one thing is certain.  The consequences have a way of hanging around considerably longer than the top position in the sponsored links area.  Consequently, when you stop spending your advertising money, Google turns your ads off.

This can turn detrimental for your business marketing and lead to lower profits and sales. That is why it is important to ensure that you grow with interacting directly with your customers along with using PPC and other advertising methods. Using the power of social media channels can help grow your network of consumers that are loyal and spread the word about your services with ease.

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