Essential Elements that Every SMM Strategy Should Contain

If you are looking to engage in social media for the purpose of attracting a higher number of fans and followers, to become permanent customers, you need to implement an effective SMM strategy. To do this, you need to have a goal oriented social media plan to ensure that you earn sales instead of damaging your brand. All businesses have seen an increase in their ROI by using internet marketing networks. Most of the social media marketing companies understand the nuances of such strategic campaigns, to ensure that the clients have more conversion to sales. Here are the key elements that all SMM strategy needs to have:

  • Know your audience: You need to understand the age group, as well as the likes and dislikes of the target audience, so the media campaign can be strategized accordingly.
  • Right social media channels: You need to stress on the networks that your audience uses. If they are on Instagram or Facebook, you will need to use it for faster communication and direct engagement.
  • Adapt to mobile social media networks: With more people going mobile, the trend will be to adapt to responsive website and apps. Twitter is about to officially launch new advertising options where payments will be made by app. This will be website clicks (something similar to PPC) which will be popular with small and medium businesses.
  • Quantify success: By identifying the key performance indicators, you know your progress. Define how social media marketing will help you accomplish, and then work on it.
  • On-time content posting: Schedule tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, LinkedIn posts and other social media content that needs to be updated every week. Don’t push links; but whether they are in-bound links or outbound links, ensure that the content is interesting and indirectly helps in higher conversion rates.
  • Separate content: Don’t post the same content on all social media networks. It is important to treat each social media network separately, and post different topics as per the audience and their interactions.
  • Be a part of the conversation: Post content that is relevant and actively join the conversation. Be seen and heard about things that are related to your industry.
  • Reanalyze your plan: You might need to reanalyze, in case your plan is not working. You can increase Facebook posts, or limit the tweets, or maybe post more on Instagram. Depending upon what works, you can reschedule.
  • Use paid advertisements: Spread the word about your business using paid advertising on social media networks. It will help you get more fans and followers with higher conversion rates.
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