Five Questions You Must Ask an SEO Expert Before Hiring

SEO has become a well-known and well-used tool in online marketing strategies. By creating content with specific keywords, your business can potentially rise in Google search rankings, allowing your company and its services or products to have a better chance of being seen. However, creating SEO content is not as simple as it sounds. It’s important to work with an SEO company to create truly exceptional content that will bring in new clients and help you get more business. With Rocket Marketing and Design, an SEO expert company in Miami, you will quickly rise to the first page in a Google search result, thanks to Rocket MAD’s years of experience and exceptional knowledge of the SEO industry.

Questions to Ask an SEO Expert in Miami:

There are five questions you should be asking an SEO expert in Miami before you consider hiring their services:

1. How will SEO be incorporated into my business’s overall marketing strategy?

The most impactful and successful SEO initiatives are part of an overarching marketing plan, so having an SEO company willing to work closely with you and your marketing strategy is optimal. SEO content that doesn’t reflect the business’s marketing strategy, or one that veers sharply away from the business’s brand, would be detrimental both to the image of the business and to its chances of success in attracting new clients. Rocket Marketing and Design is one such SEO expert in Miami who works hand in hand with their clients, ensuring that they receive the best content possible to draw new clients to the business.

2. Are there any other services that an SEO company offers?

SEO marketing works seamlessly with content marketing and social media marketing. Rocket Marketing and Design’s SEO experts in Miami also offer website development, pay per click marketing, social media marketing and more in addition to SEO content. These services complement SEO content and they work in concert with any overarching marketing plans.

3. How exactly do SEO companies conduct keyword research?

It’s important to make sure your potential SEO expert knows precisely how to undertake the research needed in order to develop accurate and successful SEO content. In the early days of SEO, keyword research simply meant plugging a word or series of words into a keyword research tool, which would create a list with relevant keywords, and then the content would be created with these keywords inserted randomly. However, what’s more important nowadays is understanding user intent – what information is the user looking for when using a keyword phrase? Once this is understood, content is created to cater to the intent behind a search. If an SEO company replies with this answer, then you know you are in good hands.

4. Are your SEO services exclusive?

It’s fantastic if you work with an SEO expert in Miami, and you suddenly get to the front page on an internet search – this means that the SEO content worked! However, if you are quickly replaced by another rival company who also used the same SEO company, then why did you even hire this company in the first place? Rocket Marketing and Design offers exclusive SEO services to their Miami clients in order to help them hold on to their top spot on the first page of Google search. If this company works with you, they won’t work with your competitors. As such, you can have full confidence that they have your best interests in mind rather than simply following the money.

5. How will their SEO content be adapted for you?

Any SEO expert in Miami is versatile and able to create content for specific companies, rather than having one standard they adhere to for their SEO content. Every marketing strategy is different, and as such, all SEO content must be slightly different as well.

Once you’ve asked these questions and have gained confidence in your chosen SEO expert in Miami, like Rocket Marketing and Design, you can begin to move forward with your marketing plan and will soon see exceptional results.

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