Has the Google Search Engine Changed SEO?

It seems that only a few years ago the mentality regarding SEO was that it was the ideal way to use clever, secretive tactics for manipulating and tricking the Google SERP’s (search engine results pages). Yet, things have evolved significantly. SEO is now an internet marketing discipline that has become an online entrepreneur’s most powerful tool. Today, SEO is a dynamic, yet multi-faceted force that has transcended the clever trickery of the past.

The Penguin and Panda algorithms were yardsticks that only quality content on websites would make it to higher SERPs, and rest would be spammed. This helped to develop quality content strategy that not only educated the users, but ensures that websites got higher visibility.

If you look at how Google has evolved in just the past 5 or 6 years, and do a little research of the SEO industry, you will see. The giant search engine has not only changed the SEO landscape, but will continue to do so for several years into the future. Consider the following five (5) ways that Google has changed the SEO environment:

  • According to the giant search engine, the future is “NOW” . . . uh, Google Now, that is. The latest newcomer in mobile voice search has quickly become the arch rival to Apple’s Siri.
  • It’s not just a search engine anymore. However, it is the industry leader in major projects that are consumer-centric and data-oriented.
  • Online marketing will be approached with a “product” perspective in mind. Therefore, every aspect or component of your inbound marketing strategy should be viewed as a product.
  • The consensus used to be that the quality and the quantity of a domain’s, webpage’s, or website’s inbound links was an essential component of Google’s ranking algorithm. Constant changes in the algorithms ensure that only quality websites rank, while repetitive content is spammed.
  • What was once a marketing philosophy that was based on manipulation and trickery is now about building your brand, and driving more visitor traffic to your website.

Ironically, most individuals fail in their attempt to achieve top ranking on the first page of Google’s search results. However, if you follow the above steps in patient and systematic fashion, you will not only achieve a higher ranking, you will hang on to it longer, as well. And if you still aren’t able to get it all done on your own… contact a result oriented online and digital marketing agency, like our company, that specializes in it.

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