How are SEO – Content Quality – UX Related?

It has long been contended that the quality of your content and the user’s experience can have a pronounced impact on your search engine optimization endeavors. By paying attention to the end-user, it could benefit your ranking in the search engine results pages, or SERP’s. For all intents and purposes, the interaction between the quality of content, search engine rankings, and the user experience, is one of the most underappreciated, and overlooked aspects of SEO.

From the very beginning, Google’s link algorithm has always been about the quality of the search. Right from better quality content, to proper use of keyword integration in the content, and organic SEO practices; you need to do it all. At the time, it was this link algorithm that enabled Google to provide better search results, than any of the other search engines that depended upon the use of keywords.

However, Google goes much deeper than this because of the user experience, or UX, as it is commonly referred to, is paramount. Consequently, you have to do some serious thinking about your overall page content quality, and how the user is interacting with it. Are you getting higher number of customers or is the sales the same? If you have seen a rise, it is an indication that your website is converting leads through better UX.

You have to focus on percentage of satisfaction where the UX is concerned. Let’s say my search engine redirected 100 users to your website. It is difficult to know whether those visitors are going to be happy with the quality of your content, as well as the products they see on your webpages. This has an impact on your webpage content to be sure. So you need to always think about the big or overall picture. This is one of the reasons that responsive websites are increasing. You certainly do not want to lose out the customers that use mobile devices and apps.

The bottom line is that your website design is impacted by all of these elements. In today’s internet world, you cannot get hung up on the old-school way of thinking about search engine optimization. Today, it is all about the interrelationship of content quality, SEO, and UX. The new era of thinking entails the satisfaction of those users who visit your website, whether they buy immediately, or down the road.

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