How Important is It to Incorporate the Google Local Search Feature for Your Business?

It’s a given that every business website must optimize their webpage content in order to increase their visibility, and get found in the Google SERP’s (search engine ranking/results pages). If you are going to keep up, or pass the competition, the major search engines are the primary avenue for accomplishing that. However, a company’s approach depends on the market they are competing in. For instance, some businesses will rely on the local market while others will focus on regional, national, and even global markets. This is especially true for small businesses and service providers.

Using Local Search

It is here that one needs to be concerned with the importance of incorporating the Google local search feature in their business. This enables your company to gain prominence within your target region. Depending on “geographics”, Google will set specific search results based on a particular area, city or town radius, or region. In recent years, the onset and evolution of the geo-specific, or local search feature, has been attributed to the growth of mobile devices and the number of end-users that purchase them. Most people like to use local businesses when they are looking for products and services. This increases the need for businesses to use the local search feature. Thus, if you service locally, you just cannot miss it.

How Does Google Provide Relevant Results?

By using GPS locations and information about a particular locality, Google is able to produce more relevant search results. As a result, the local search feature is in a continual state of refinement and updating. It may also be possible that a small percentage of the ranking evaluation is dependent on specific contact details; e.g. addresses and phone numbers.  However, much of that is speculation.

Enhance Reach of Business

The local search feature is especially important to, and ideal for, those smaller businesses that have a limited reach, and serve a particular area or community on a local basis. A mobile business with a website that has no physical address would find it difficult to benefit from this local search feature; comparing the same type of business with a physical location. For these businesses, the key to success is whether or not the major search engines can evaluate the geo location covered by the business; as well as the products or services they offer.

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