How to Incorporate the Holidays Into Your Campaign

Are you ready for the holidays? This is the time to start thinking about how you will stand out when everyone is competing for the same customers. If you want to develop a successful holiday campaign, you need to start positioning yourself NOW.

Do You Start Marketing Your Holiday Products in July? 

Well, no. But you need to start thinking about a holiday campaign months in advance. The most successful marketing campaigns start igniting brand awareness early to position themselves.

Get Prepared

Rankings change every single day. SEO is going to be one of your biggest drivers of any holiday sales. Make sure to have a full audit done of your site to make sure that search engines can find, crawl, index and rank your site. If search engines can’t find you, neither can your customers. 

Remind People You Are There

As the holidays draw near, you’re likely to see more conversion. But you’re also likely to see a lot more competition. Draw on the people you already know or ones that have already used your site and update that email or messenger list. 

Understand Your Customer

Know your customer and their habits. Where do they spend their dollars? Look at your competition closely. A good way to spot influence is by checking likes and comments. What sets these companies/products apart? Consider these things when developing your own holiday marketing campaign.

Look at What Has Worked 

What platforms perform the best in your current advertising? You may want to focus your holiday marketing efforts on ones where you have had the greatest success. But you always want to consider sites that you may be overlooking but are drawing millions of visitors. Think YouTube, Reddit, Pinterest, Quora. 

Don’t Just Identify as a Product, Identify as a Brand

You are more than your product. Keep this in mind with all your marketing, as well as your everyday operations. People will identify more with a lifestyle and brand than just a product or a price. Branding is what propels most large consumer companies today. This is most true when it comes to holiday marketing. 

Be Your Best Brand Reflection

Your daily operations from inventory to reviews to fulfillment to customer service should reflect this brand and be spot on. Once you get them, this is how you keep customers. Make sure you are ready to take care of them. When it comes to holiday shopping, make sure to post holiday shipping deadlines so your customers know exactly what to expect and have easy access to customer service. 

Identify What Your Holiday Best Sellers Will Be

Identify your holiday keywords and make them as specific as possible. Feature any top sellers and make sure to give them prominence on your site, even developing individual holiday landing pages for some of them.

During the Holidays, People Expect Sales

Big sales and discounted prices are everywhere and can get lost in the din. Your customers are bombarded with advertising, especially during the holidays. What can you do differently to stand out? Why not add some emotion to your campaign? Let your customers see your products in a heartwarming context. Tell your customers how you give back to the community. Make yourself stand out from the bunch by creating an engaging campaign with compelling storylines.

Hire Marketing Experts

Developing a holiday marketing campaign can take time, patience and knowledge. You are busy. Why not hire an expert? At Rocket Marketing and Design, let us get you ready for the holidays sooner instead of later. Call us at 888-731-0234.

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