How to Make Keyword Research and Analytics Easy and Accurate

The purpose of keyword research is to extend your reach to prospective clients or customers and teach you how they look for and find your products or services.  Unfortunately, the keyword research tools that are available typically return a list of the most commonly searched key phrases and keywords.  Not only are these phrases and words extremely competitive, they may not be relevant to your products or services. However keyword research needs to be systematic and words and phrases need to be accurate, otherwise it is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

The only way to ensure that you use the right keywords is to base your research on highly accurate, real data.  Furthermore, the only way you are going to realize any value from them is to act on them and use them in your search optimized marketing campaigns.  The bottom line is that this requires more actionable and relevant data.  Remember, this is the basis for every search marketing strategy and that is what makes a product or service sell. With Google AdWords, there are 2 distinct ways of getting the most accurate traffic data:

  • Use the BMM (Broad Match Modifier) – by placing a plus (+) sign in front of your key phrases or keywords, Google will automatically know that these have to show up in the search query. Just keep in mind that these can appear in any order and include abbreviations, acronyms, misspellings, plural or singular forms of them, and stemming.
  • Use “exact-match” keywords – as the name implies, the person conducting the search query needs to enter keywords that match those in your marketing campaign exactly. You can designate these types of keywords by enclosing them in the brackets on your keyboard that look like [ ].

In closing, be aware that Google has made some recent changes in the way in which they react to “exact” and “phrase” match keywords.  However, you should change certain campaign default settings so that these changes do not affect you. You can browse online and read more about keyword analysis or discuss it with us. We’ll be glad to help you target the right keywords for your business and build a complete marketing and advertising plan around it. Call us at 786-309-8333 for a free quote today.

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