Is There a One-Size-Fits-All Strategy for Content Marketing?

One of the most common questions that people ask is whether there is a one-size-fits-all strategy for content marketing. However, the fact is that just like no two businesses are alike, similarly SEO companies offer custom designed content marketing services; which vary as per client requirements. You cannot have a one-size-fits-all strategy.

Many businesses are taking a hard look at their SEO links and related content strategy, due to the recent changes in the Google algorithm updates. Websites that have poor content, unsavory linking practices, and no social media presence, might just become invisible; as per the changes that are needed to rank well. Most of the websites have become deindexed due to these irregularities. Once you are not counted, among the top pages of the search engines, it is not possible to find your business website.

To ensure that you get the right content marketing done for your business, it is important to stay unique and different. Thus, when you are looking to develop your content marketing strategy, it is important to consider these aspects:

Relevance of content

Irrespective of whether you promote your products or services, the fact remains that your website content establishes your brand, conveys the message, and converts leads into customers. This promotes not just your brand online, but ensures that your company grows.

Content is written, or can be visual and audio. It can range from articles, blog posts to website copy, emails to podcasts, social media posts to infographics, and videos. Generally content is created and published for a target audience considering their interest, likes and purchasing power. If you browse online and see the top performing sites, you’ll find that they have high quality content which is informative and catchy. And, they are active on social media.

Your audience

Take a look at the content on your website or on your social media page. Are you targeting the right audience or writing for your peers? This is a common mistake that businesses make. You need to target your audience to engage with new customers. Check your social media content. Have you been able to build a rapport with customers directly? Are they informed about your services and deals with ease? Have they responded? If you are able to publish content on already established platforms, which cater to the same audience, it can help put you in a better place.

Cater to common problems

Your content needs to be interesting, informative and engaging. The customer needs to go away with more information than they had, before reading the blog or article, about your products and/or services. They need to get answers, or know more about the business. They need to find the solutions they are looking for, and be viewing good content. Most readers like the top lists, ‘how to’ and content of value, so ensure that the article marketing strategy involves content that will keep them hooked to come back again.

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