More About A/B Testing Using Google Analytics

Let’s say that you recently settled on two different websites design for the pending launch of your new start-up, and you are having a difficult time deciding which one to go with. What do you do? In this type of situation, your best approach for making a well-informed decision would be to test both of those site designs by utilizing Google Analytics. A/B testing is oftentimes termed as ‘split testing’, and is one of the best ways to realize which webpage works better. Usually termed as A and B pages, it is commonly known as A/B testing. It goes without saying that most of us are proponents of making decisions based on data and stats; hence our use of A/B testing to assist us in the decision-making process. You certainly want to use the webpage that helps your business website result in more conversions. Thus, using test hypotheses, Google Analytics and pertinent changes in the website design; you can get the desired website pages.

Reason for Using Google Analytics

Through the use of Google Experiments, we can perform these tests quickly and easily by using Google Analytics. The primary reasons for conducting A/B tests are:

  • You have seen the results of the latest research studies on usability
  • You’re not achieving the conversions that you desired with your current website
  • Your team is unsure of which design option will work best – by testing results are confirmed

Granted, these are just a few examples of why you should test your website design using Google Analytics. So you need to determine which aspect of your website that you need to test, in order to make the best decision. For example, you can test any of the following elements:

  • call to action
  • color
  • deals and offers
  • headline
  • image
  • page layout

You can perform hypothetical testing such as “Design A will have more conversions because there are fewer fields for the user to contend with.”  Or, “Which one of my ad banners gets a higher user engagement at my landing page?”  Basically, you can test any hypothesis or website design element with A/B testing through Google Analytics. Most importantly, you can test up to five options, despite the fact that it is called A/B testing. However, most website designers and developers recommend testing two to three options for the best results. If you are unsure about your current website, you can get the design tested for better results.

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