Perform a Simple SEO Audit on your Website

In an SEO audit, an entire website is scrutinized from a search engine point-of-view to determine its efficiency and any possible problem areas. Little issues can be of huge importance when it comes to getting your website listed by the search engines. Doing a simple SEO audit can help you find both your strong suits as well as your faults.

Meta Descriptions

A meta description is a short sum-up of the happenings on that page. For instance, a meta description could be: “A checklist of items to improve your writing skills.” When someone searches for your keywords, the meta description and site link are what shows up. If you don’t have meta descriptions set do it now. If you do, make sure that it is unique, isn’t too long, and doesn’t contain the title words.

Page Index

Check your site by searching ‘’ in Google’s search bar. It will return a list of your indexed pages. Count them and not which one they are. After applying SEO techniques, for a month recount the indexed pages. If more pages are indexed, the SEO tactics are helping.

Title of Page

The title of the page is more important than most people think. Not only does it tell the reader a lot about the page contents but the search engines as well. Between the <title> and </title> tags in the pages html code is the page title. This is where search engines glean the most information about the page contents. Make or change your titles to be unique and short.

H1 Tags

H1 tags are useful things but to many of them can get the site sidelined by Google. The H1 tag should be used in the html code to highlight a headline. They should be used no more than once per page. Use it on your most important headline because it is the one search engines will look at.

It is imperative to do some form of SEO auditing on a regular basis as your site grows and changes. It is a simple way to enhance the productivity and success of the site that results in big ways.


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