Are you a real estate agent looking to generate real-time real estate leads? If so, our Realtor Text Message Marketing system is for you.

How It Works

  • Real estate agent promotes TEXT IDs & QR codes on sign riders, print advertising, etc…
  • Buyers TEXT or scan QR code and get instant listing information through text and a link to custom mobile website for the listing
  • Real estate agent receives the buyers phone number for direct follow-up.

Benefits of the System

  • Real-time leads sent directly to you by text message and/or email.
  • Database of phone numbers separated by property. Where if a property was sold but then later fall out of escrow, you can simply alert all the phone numbers that were interested in that property by sending them a text message.
  • The ability to send a text message to potential buyers of a similar house that is for sale or an open house that you will be having.
  • Not needing to worry about flyers getting wet or driving to property to refill flyers.

Ways to Gain More Exposure

  • Put sign riders on your listings. Buyers send a text, get information about the listing and you get the buyers phone number.
  • Add keywords to existing print advertising to attract more buyers and get the real estate lead.
  • Add QR codes to existing print advertising so buyer can scan QR code and be taken to a specific mobile website for that listing and you get the buyers phone number.
  • Add keywords to TV advertising, radio advertising, billboards and more…

Call 1-888-731-0234 or fill out the contact form to sign up or request more information.