Social Media Do’s and Don’ts

Social media is just what the name implies: social. But in marketing, we understand what an amazing tool it can be to connect with our customers directly. There is a fine line you are walking between being friendly and “social” and pinpointing a specific marketing strategy and being “salesy”. As a business, you want to make sure you find that balance in order to make your social media presence an effective one.

DO Be “Real”

When posting to social media, you are posting with an intent. That is engaging your users and offering them insight into your products or services. The great thing about these platforms is that they show there are real people behind your company. Use that! A conversational tone engages a user far more than just information.

DON’T Ignore Questions or Posts From Users

Don’t ignore when your users post comments, ask questions or offer concerns. That is exactly the engagement you want. Respond promptly when someone reaches out and let them know you are there.

DO Keep Your Accounts Separate

Although you want to be “real” make sure to keep your personal account separate from your business account. You want to keep consistent messages on your business profile and avoid the impression of spamming your friends and family.

DON’T Badmouth the Competition

If you can’t say anything nice…well, you know.

DO Think Before You Post

Make your social media posts ones that are well thought out and the content is valuable. Make sure to proofread each post.

DON’T Be a Spammer

Don’t post a self-promotional message and then tag everyone on your friends’ list or post the same message over and over. It is annoying and unprofessional.

DO Keep Your Messages Aligned

Keep your messages on target with your company and customer culture. Keep your users in mind and always post with their voice and demographics in mind. Use live video with themes to engage your users with how-to tips or fun facts.

DON’T Obsess About the Numbers

The right followers and likes are organic and come with time. Consider your social media with a long-term approach and keep your content coming consistently.

DO Celebrate!

Celebrate your customers, your employees, your accomplishments, your upcoming happenings. Let people get excited right alongside you. Social media is a sharing tool. Share everything good about your business or product. Share good media. Share photos. Share customers enjoying your product.

DON’T Engage with Negativity

Don’t engage with the barrage of online trolls and haters. Don’t feed the negativity. What you give your attention to increases its popularity. Engaging with them is a waste of your valuable time.

When you craft engaging social media posts, you connect with your customers in a way that a website will not. We know you are busy and may not have time to keep up with your social media accounts. Leave that to a marketing professional. Call Rocket Marketing and Design to see how we can help keep you connected. 888-731-0234

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