The Most Dominating Internet Marketing Trends for 2015

For a casual observer, it might be overwhelming to keep up with the digital marketing trends and advancements in 2015. We bring you some of the most dominating trends of internet marketing in 2015, which will focus on:

#1- Rise of importance for mobile optimized marketing and content

Although mobile optimization gained a new perspective in the last few years, 2015 is the year that will see a comprehensive and major role to play in internet marketing. Whether it is a mobile app or a responsive website, mobile, social media marketing, and content strategize will rule the trends. With Google stressing on relevant results for searches, a new Webmaster Tool, ‘Mobile Usability’ is an indication about the trend that is at the threshold of new frontiers. Most business will, by mid-2015, incorporate social media marketing, and mobile apps, to leverage their business or risk losing out to competitors.

#2- Increase in spending on internet marketing and SMM advertisements

There will be a growing awareness about social media marketing that will increase the budgets for internet marketing advertisements. Look at the strategy that Facebook uses. It restricts the type of posts that can be shown in the feeds. So, organic posts fail, but sponsored posts still show up. If you are building a clientele, you will need to reach out to the maximum number of people. What could be better than taking a low-priced, social media advertisement package? Thus, paid advertising is going to increase in 2015.

#3- More importance on content marketing

More businesses took to content marketing in 2014, and it is estimated that another 42% will use it in their internet marketing strategy in 2015; as per the B2B Content Marketing Benchmark results. Content marketing has crossed the expected results. And, more internet marketing experts are looking to reallocate the budgets for content marketing now. Not just text but audios and videos will give businesses an advantage over their local competitors.

#4- Email marketing resurfaces

Renew the focus on email marketing, which is probably the only thing that business can control, as with increasing complexity of search engine algorithms. Recent changes have limited the visibility of business posts on social networks, and that is why email marketing merges with content marketing, to resurface stronger than before. From using eBooks and subscriptions on blogs, brands are realizing that content marketing holds more value than ever before.

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