Top Non-SEO Tools For Better SEO

While most internet marketers and online entrepreneurs are well aware of the value of the many SEO-focused marketing tools that are available today, many of them are always on the lookout for the “next big thing.”  But sometimes, the more creative individuals will experiment with non-SEO tools or tools that were not meant for their particular industry niche.  It’s a trial and error thing with some hits and some misses. There are many tools online that can delve deep into the target keywords landing pages and ad copy that your competitors are using. But the following have definitely proven to be some of the better tools to consider.

Attentiv – makes collaboration asynchronous and simple when groups of individuals are working on content, design, link building, project management, technical SEO, and so on.  Best of all, Attentiv is FREE to the first 10 users.  After that, it costs each person $5/month.

Canva – ideal for creating quick graphics such as custom images or open graphs to support your blog posts.  When you needed a graphic 15 minutes ago and your designers are perfectionists and working on another priority, Canva makes a great go-to non-SEO tool. – infographics are still as important as they ever were where SEO is concerned.  This infographic maker is a non-designer-friendly, non-SEO tool that always comes in handy when you are in a jam.  Not only that but works quickly and easily when it comes to chart creation.  Plus, any chart that you create using MS Office cannot hold a candle to

InSite 5 – crawls websites checking grammatical issues and spelling errors.  Believe it or not, by eliminating these, you’ll have a better shot at building visitor trust improving your conversion rates.  Unfortunately, InSite 5 is only available as PC software.

Title tester – beautiful in its simplicity yet powerful in function, Title Tester can be used with any content that you create.  When writing content, develop several different titles for the same piece, feed it into Title Tester, and it will tell you which is the most clickable.

Although these are just a few of the tools to help you get your website to rank better, keywords that have been used for a long period are perfect cost per action or CPA for your business. It is important to understand that search marketing campaigns are driven by performance and that is why experts need to handle it all.

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