Ways to Dominate Local Search

Geo-specific marketing for a local company is oftentimes a difficult proposition to contend with.  Indeed, it’s very challenging to get one specific business locale to achieve a high position in the SERP’s (search engine ranking pages) much less hundreds or thousands of companies.  This is especially true when they are spread out across great distances.  Probably one of the best ways to dominate local searches is by creating geo-specific, unique landing pages.  In other words, you have to have a local landing page that has been well-designed for every business location.

Here are some additional tips that could make the challenge of ranking highly in local searches considerably easier and much more effective:

Create unique local content – it is extremely difficult to create content that is unique to each location.  Content that is identical and only has a few noticeable changes is viewed as being bad where the search engines and your potential customers are concerned.

Develop headlines and title tags that are keyword optimized and unique to your particular location – be sure your Meta data includes your city, state, and zip code while having a unique description for each webpage.

Images and photos – these will help you to differentiate your listing from everyone else’s, encourage interaction, and increase engagement with your website visitors.  A local landing page that is devoid of images or photos typically experiences a much higher than average bounce rate.

Make your “NAP” visible – in other words, your company name, address, and phone number needs to be in a page position where it is very easy to see.  Additionally, you want to ensure that your NAP is consistent throughout your entire website.

Take advantage of Google’s local maps – you need to embed a Google local map and not some generic map with your address into your landing and webpages.  In addition to this, be sure to list your operating hours as well as the products or services you are currently offering.

Optimized content- It is essential that the Google+ Local search is linked to a website page and it is of importance that the title tag has your city details. That is because to rank on Google’s Local Search, you need to have location based tags and keywords. Additionally, it is important to set up landing pages that have the location and address mentioned with the city specific keywords. You can add quality content that includes customer testimonials, Frequently Asked Questions and other city specific information.

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