Ways to Increase ROI with a Non-Branded Search Campaign

Despite the fact that non-branded keywords and search phrases can provide you with a much greater reach, they are considerably more competitive and costly as well as being more difficult to convert from.  The secret is to add RLSA’s (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads).  Granted, these are not what would be classified as “non-branded” per se, but they provide you with a more strategic means for segmenting and testing non-branded keywords without drastically diminishing your marketing budget.

Not only that, but this is a great way to increase your return on your marketing investment.  Here are 3 methods for successfully increasing your ROI by using RLSA’s to positively influence your non-branded search:

Competitive ad copy – your value proposition is most important and the only way to keep that in place when prospective clients or customers are searching for what you are offering is by promoting how beneficial it is to purchase your products or services through you.  This is especially true if you are unable to compete with the “big box” stores and major retailers.  You might consider highlighting the percentage of your revenues that go to charities, a rewards program, or your seller ratings.

Familiar ad copy – treat your RLSA campaigns in the same manner in the same manner as your remarketing campaign whenever targeting keywords and phrases that are product or service-related.  By placing these in your ad copy, you’ll be able to re-emphasize important information that your visitors read on your website.  It also increases brand visibility and ensures that your website visitors maintain a continual association with it as well as those products or services they may have an interest in.

Product listing ads or PLA’s – this can be challenging when you consider that the major retailers pretty much dominate this advertising and marketing arena.  You have to maintain competitive price points but you also have to invest wisely.  First, and most importantly, it enables you to compete with those lower priced major retailers because it’s such a highly effective tactic for building brands awareness.  Secondly, in a shopper-focused advertising format, it is the most cost-effective way to build brand awareness.

On a closing note, there are a number of search marketing tools available today that can be considerably helpful when you are creating ad copy and landing pages while at the same time providing a great deal of insight into the keyword targets of competitors.

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