What Does the Future Hold for Internet Marketing?

Most of us have realized over the past decade or so how the internet has impacted our daily lives and changed the way we do things. But more importantly, it has had a greater impact on the global marketing landscape. Incoming strategies are more popular than ever, while the more traditional outgoing methods have faded off into the sunset. Thus, it is best to start looking at the strategies that will ensure that your business website is always ranking high. So as we look forward, here are our predictions regarding the future of internet marketing.

  • Content marketing is “king” – The primary method for establishing authority, and showing how you are the expert in your industry niche, has always been webpage content. The Content Marketing Institute has clearly stated that the primary techniques will involve: case research studies, email newsletters, posts on eCommerce websites, short articles on various websites, social media, videos and blogs.
  • Focus is shifting to image-centric content – In order for content to be absorbed quicker, three out of every four websites are focusing on images. All you have to do is look at Buzzfeed and Pinterest to see the capacity for going viral, and how powerful image-centric content can be. Adding new images to your pages can help.
  • More diversity in social media marketing – Despite the onset of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, companies were limited to the amount of effort they could put into social media marketing (SMM). With new social media platforms being introduced all the time, companies are able to branch out, extend their reach, and use more diversification in their SMM activities. Don’t lose out by ignoring the power of social media
  • Smartphone and tablet use becomes more prevalent – Forbes Magazine states that 87% of all device sales will be smartphones and tablets within the next two years. Consequently, businesses will need to produce more content that is available to the mobile consumer and end-user. The demand for responsive website has increased consistently over the past few years, and that is an indication of increase in mobile internet use.

As more and more developing countries provide their citizens with internet access, we will likely see an increase in individuals who will have an impact on consumer habits and interests.  Consequently, the Western world will no longer have the edge on products and services, but it will be global.

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