What is Retargeting and Why It Should Be Part of Your Marketing Plan?

If you sell things online, you already know that not everyone who visits your site converts to a sale. In fact, only about 2% of shoppers convert on a first visit. But what if you could bring them back by reminding them of what they were looking for on your site?  With retarget marketing, you can.

How to Increase Your Conversion

Research shows us that over 97% of first-time visitors will leave your website before making a purchase. They may come back or they may not. Why take that chance? With retargeting ads, you have the opportunity of converting visitors into customers, even after they have left your site.

Marketing research says that it may take a visitor at least 7 times of seeing your product and hearing your message before they are ready to buy. For those who have already expressed an interest by being on your site and looking at a specific product, retargeting allows you to get in front of them again.

Making Your Brand Recognizable

When a user continues to see you, the brand has the ability to become more recognizable, build brand awareness and drive more sales.

Targeting Those Users Who Have Been to Your Site and Left

Retargeting allows you to target those users who have already visited your site and expressed an interest in your products. You can target users who have gone to a specific part of your site or to your whole site in general. This way, you are spending your advertising dollars on people who have already shown an interest on your site instead of at the front end of the buying funnel.

Retargeting allows you to follow these customers when a tiny piece of code drops a cookie on each user that has visited your site, enabling you to follow their internet journey and remind them at key moments of the products they looked at on your site. This allows you additional opportunities to convert these users.

Although much of your marketing strategy will be focused on driving users to your site, branding and establishing trust, your marketing efforts should be comprehensive enough to make sure that your customers are converting. Retargeting is a great tool for a comprehensive marketing gameplan.

With a retargeting campaign, your customers will begin to see your ads while being on another part of the internet or even on a competitor’s site. Those ads will be a reminder of the things they were looking at on your site and re-engage those users. This keeps your customers more engaged with your brand.

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