What Social Media Marketing Strategy Is Right for My Business?

To connect with your customers, you need to successfully launch a social media strategy with the assistance of a Social Media Marketing (SMM) agency. To ensure that your social marketing campaign works for you from the start, you need to include a couple of aspects such as:

#1- Define business goals and marketing objective: Your social media campaign is designed around the business goals you have. Your business goals may vary, but need to incorporate enhancement of brand awareness, reduce marketing and advertising costs, and retaining your current customers. However, it is best that you only target 2-4 goals to ensure progress. The marketing intent is to determine the right objectives; which are achievable, specific, time bound and relevant. That is the key to the success of the social media marketing strategy. You can actually use the marketing campaign to generate leads and enhance sales by at least 50%. By having set timelines and achievable objectives, it helps to measure the progress.

#2-Identification of target customers: If the business hasn’t been able to engage the interest of the target audience online through social media channels, it is because you have not yet been able to identify the ideal customers. You need to know more about the target audience, including the age group, interests and income. You certainly cannot sell toddler toys to seniors or fashion accessories to babies. Thus, knowing the spending habits; likes and dislikes, can help target on social media.

#4- Research your competitors:  It is essential to keep a tab on your competitors to know what’s working for them. You can utilize the information and use the tactics to work for your business. Compile a list of the closest competitors; look for their online presence on social media channels. Analyze their strategy; check the social media channels where they are active, how many times they post in a week, and number of people following them. Read the type of content they are posting, their response to queries, fan postings and other direct communication. All of this will help you see what works, and how it is done.

#5- Selecting the social media channels: Most businesses have a belief that opening accounts on all possible social media channels will bring in business. However, you cannot select the right social network, without considering the platform that will actually work in your favor, increasing the ROI. Thus, don’t waste time on platforms that will not work for you. Narrow down to determine the best platform. And then kick start the social media marketing campaign by getting a professional company to do the postings for your business.

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