Why SEO must be Incorporated in your Digital Marketing Strategy

As a critical component of any digital marketing strategy, most planners and strategists are aware of the importance of using SEO techniques.  So why should you have an understanding of SEO even though you may not know anything about IT?

There are a number of reasons for having some knowledge of search engine optimization, especially when incorporating it into your internet marketing strategy.  Let’s talk statistics first.

  • The first position on the first search results page has a 42.5% click-through rate. In other words, 42.5% of all internet users will stop searching after the very first listing and navigate to that particular website.
  • Google generates nearly 80% of the visitor traffic you receive at your website.
  • When comparing the major search engines . . . again, Google generates nearly 80% of all website traffic while Bing generates just under 8% and Yahoo! generates less than 10%.

Whether you have a current online marketing campaign in progress or are about to launch one, you cannot afford to overlook having SEO as a key component of your strategy.  Ironically, many internet marketers don’t use SEO because they don’t have a lot of knowledge about it and feel that they cannot create an SEO marketing strategy that will effectively work for them.

Having quality content on the website adds to the prowess of your website and as Google is offering rewards for quality content. These are some of the ‘best practices’ that Google considers, which can you can use in the marketing strategy. This will help in enhancing the SERPs. Thus, ranking for the right keywords is essential.

The bottom line is that having a website marketing strategy is essential to the success of your online business while your advertising campaign is what generates an interest in your products or services and enables you to reach a larger target audience of prospective customers.  Even if you have a non-internet based business, you already know the value of advertising.  So it stands to reason that this would also apply to an internet business.


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