Work Smarter, Not Harder


We’ve all heard the saying. “Work smarter, not harder.” Catchy, huh? But implementation? That’s another thing altogether. Because the truth is, most of us do what we do every day as a matter of habit. So when we need better results, we tend to do the same, only MORE of it. What if more of the same is not exactly helping your bottom line?

When it comes to internet marketing, you can get pulled in all sorts of directions. In our age of information, there’s so much of it that it just jams the airwaves instead of clearing the air. So, often, simplicity is what gets the air clear again. 

Simplicity says:

  • You have a product or service
  • You have a market
  • You want that product or service to get in front of that market

Simple, right? Well, not always. But there are some common sense ways to make working smarter easier. 

  • Know Your Market — When you know who your market is, you know exactly what they’re looking for. You know where they go for their information. Heck, you know where they go for lunch. You should know what will make your product or service stand out to these very people and gear every single bit of marketing content to those ears, eyes, hearts, and emotions. 
  • Make Your Product or Service Your Superpower — When was the last time you said, “I’m coming back here” because something a business did or a product they had just blew you out of the water? Now, implement your version of that. Be the superhero of your product or your service. Make your marketing and your customer service the stuff of legends. Trust us, they’ll notice. There is nothing as important as word of mouth, or in Internet land, the trusted “review”. Make every single one of them shine or make it right. 
  • Cut the Distractions — Good marketing requires focus. But back to the land of “too much”, how do you separate the essential from the fluff? There’s a lot of fluff out there, none of which has much to do with your simple goal of getting your product in front of your market. Fluff is a distraction. Get rid of it. Know what works and kick the rest of it to the curb. 
  • Stop Wasting Valuable Time — Speaking of focus, you know that “research” that invariably turns into hours of YouTube watching? A business Facebook post that leads you ranting down some other silly rabbit hole? Too much time on Slack? Be aware of what you are doing with your time and what is draining it. You believe in social media, right? But does that mean every single platform out there? No. Guard your time like the gold that it is. 
  • Know How Stuff Works — We have seen marketing change light years and so much hype is here today, gone tomorrow. Changing Google algorithms leave many professionals tap dancing in the dark. Being open-minded while maintaining a skeptic’s attitude keeps you in laser focus mode. Does someone want to sell you the newest and greatest and they want to impress you with techie-speak? Make them explain it in simple language. If they can’t explain how it works, chances are that it doesn’t. 
  • Be the Expert — You are already an expert at what you do. Chances are, you aren’t a marketing expert. The most important part of a marketing campaign is conversion, ie. how many people you reach actually purchase your product and service. That is where WE are the experts. 

If you want to spend your valuable time doing what you do best and leave the marketing to a marketing expert, give us a call at 888-731-0234. With Rocket Marketing and Design in your corner, working smarter just got easier.

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