How Does Web Design Impact SEO?

If you are looking for a web design company in Miami, then you are probably looking to increase your web presence. While many people understand the importance of keywords to help your website rise on search engine results pages, the past couple of years have seen the importance of web design increase as well. Today, we look at some ways in which web design can help your site perform better in search engine results.

1. Navigation has Become More Important

Your navigation, including menu items, is now an extremely important aspect of a search. If you have typed anything into Google, including web design company in Miami, then you have likely noticed that some results will be broken up into subsections. These results are related to your menu navigation and how they interact with your site. If your navigation isn’t designed properly, then your site may not benefit from these subsection listings.

2. Google Rates Good Content Higher

The best web design company in Miami knows the value of good content, and that means text, images, and videos. Google and other top search engines’ algorithms look for good readability, high quality images, non-broken links, and concise videos when deciding which pages to rank higher or push to the first page of their search engine results.

3. Accessibility is Key

All around the world and in some states, having a website that is accessible for screen readers and other programs for people with disabilities is no longer an option. It’s mandatory and not having this in place can come with heavy fines. What’s more, there is a growing body of evidence that sites without great design for differing users are dropping on search engine results pages. That means your site needs to be accessible, and great accessibility only comes with a site professionally created by a web design company in Miami.

4. Mobile is the New Desktop

With extremely rare exceptions, most sites are accessed by mobile devices over desktop. That means your site needs to look and respond great on a phone more than on a desktop, although it needs to do both. Search engines understand this and are now looking at sites from this perspective. That means if your site doesn’t look or work well on a phone, it won’t perform well on search engine results pages. For the best mobile sites, you will need a dedicated web design company in Miami that knows how to make sites look and operate well on phones.

If you are looking to increase your Google rankings and see better search results for your company’s website, you will need more than the right keywords. You will need the help of a professional and experienced web design company. Rocket Marketing & Design is dedicated to creating websites that help small businesses get noticed. If you are looking to raise your profile and have a site that turns the curious into customers, we can help. Contact us for more details.

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