What is the Difference Between SEM and PPC?

There are a lot of buzzwords when it comes to online marketing and social media marketing in Miami, but when it all comes down to it, the two most important types of online marketing that most companies will deal with when starting a new marketing campaign are Pay-Per-Click (PCC) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing.) Both types of marketing, PCC and SEM, get similar results — improving the amount of traffic to your company’s website — but go about it in completely different ways.

You may understand the importance of online marketing for your company, but you may not understand the methods by which you go about getting success from the various types of marketing techniques. While a company that specializes in social media marketing in Miami may understand these things, being experts and trained in them, you should still have a basic grasp on them so you understand the steps the marketing company you hire are taking to ensure your growth and success online.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Its Role in Your Company Growth

PPC is a paid form of advertising in which you place your ads somewhere on a search engine, or other websites, and you don’t have to pay until someone clicks one of your ads. The trick is, however, in the keywords that you choose for your ad to show up to potential customers. PPC should not be done blindly, though; there are a lot of analytics that should be combed through before it can be successfully attempted in order for you to make the most out of the money you spend on social media marketing.

Ensuring that PCC is successful for your company, you need to do more than just bid on the right keywords that bring in customers. You need to do further steps, such as determining what keywords your competitors are using (and possibly bid higher than them), set daily or weekly budgets as well as success metrics, create and launch the digital ads that will use the keywords, and continually analyse results and adjust accordingly. A company specializing in social media marketing in Miami can be a great tool to use for this analysis of your website and company, and continual adjustments to ensure the greatest level of success.

Understanding Search Engine Marketing

While PPC relies on paid marketing advertising, SEM is done through optimizations of your company’s website through SEO, as well as search engine reputation management. SEO techniques employed through social media marketing in Miami companies will help your site increase its visibility on search engines through proper keyword management (finding the right keywords, setting proper keyword density, making compelling content, etc.) as well as optimizing the load times of your website, creating link-back content to improve your reputation, etc.

SEO makes your website compelling and interesting to customers, which increases its reputation and authority, resulting in an overall boost in ranking visibility on search engines. Proper SEM can be a time-consuming process, and it requires you to put all the necessary pieces together, including social media marketing in Miami, to be successful.

SEM and PPC can work together real nicely, however most of your budget should be focused on SEM. A successful SEM strategy can result in much better long-term results, creating organic results, whereas PPC is more of an easy and quick way to get visibility at the top of search engine results. PPC is a great starting point for a marketing campaign to get initial traffic, but it should be followed up by strong SEM and social media marketing in Miami to ensure long-lasting results.

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